LED Signs in Melbourne

LED signs can be the shining light that illuminates your name. Contact Sign Raizor!

We serve private businesses, government agencies and large corporate companies in Melbourne.

LED Signs Installation

Sign Raizor installs outdoor, full-colour LED signs for businesses, churches, fuel stations and more.

Whether you need a single or double sided display, our team will find a way to put your LED sign up for full visibility. We can even create customised LED signs to be hung on store fronts and glass windows.

Call our experts for more information about our LED sign installation!

Professional LED sign installation services


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Illuminated Signage

Signage is no longer just words printed on a board. Today, with the advances in sign making technology, we can make illuminated and digital signs.

Sign Raizor specialises in all aspects of sign making and can install a wide range of illuminated signs. We operate with an experienced team that strives to satisfy your various advertising display needs.

Feel free to call us for anything ranging from LED signs to printed banners!

Your business deserves a modern and attractive sign


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Why Choose Us?

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Expert sign makers
  • Wide range of signages
  • Fleet graphics and vehicle signs available
  • Digital and large format printing
  • Outdoor banners and window frosting

We guarantee customer satisfaction.

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